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Omar Majeed / Canada / 2009 / 80 ' / Anglais


Omar Majeed & Maxime Chalifoux
Omar Majeed
Zacharie Fay & Mark Ellam
Kyle Stanfield
Omar Waqar
The Taqwacores
Daniel Cross, Mila Aung-Thwin, Bob Moore & Omar Majeed
Sound Supervisor: Cory Rizos
Excerpts from: The Taqwacores by Michael Muhammad Knight
Website designed by: Brett Gaylor
Produced with the participation of: Crédit d’impot cinéma et télévision
Produced with the participation of: SODEC Société de développement des entreprises culturelles
Produced with the participation of: Québec Programme d’aide aux jeunes créateurs
Produced with the participation of: The Canadian Film and Video Production Tax Credit
In Association with: SuperChannel
In Association with: SBS-TV Australia
Produced with the assistance of: the Canwest-Hot Docs Completion Fund
With the financial participation of: The Banff Film and Television Fund

Awards & Festivals

Official selection: Festival du Nouveau Cinéma Vancouver International Film Festival Sheffield Doc/Fest

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In Production

The progression of the Muslim Punk scene, from fiction novel to full-blown real-life scene of bands and their fans.


When he was 17, Michael Knight left his mother’s home in Rochester to study Islam at a Pakistani madrassa. It was his first act of rebellion – against his abusive, schizophrenic, white-supremacist father. Years later, burned out on the demands of religious dogma, Mike rebelled once more – by penning a Muslim Punk manifesto called The Taqwacores. His work of fiction struck a chord with young Muslims around the world and before long, real-life Taqwacore bands were creating a scene. This film follows Michael and his band of Muslim punks as they journey across the U.S. and Pakistan, transforming their worlds, their religion and themselves through the spirit of Taqwacore.