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cinema politica Montreal

Fondé Juin 2010


ôtênaw & You Are On Indian Land
ôtênaw & You Are On Indian Land
Qu’est-ce que la démocratie? (What Is Democracy?)
Ovarian Psycos
Le Don (Gift)
Naila and the Uprising
The Fifth Region
When They Awake

À PROPOS de Cinema Politica Montreal

Cinema Politica has a handful of active campus-based locals in Montreal, including our founding chapter Concordia and our first Network chapter UQAM. CP McGill also keeps busy with regular screenings during the academic calendar. Aside from these university sites we also organize community screenings in and around the city, and those are grouped under CP Montreal. Whether it’s a screening in Park-Ex at a independent cinema, a projection under the stars at the SAT or an outdoor film event at one of the city’s beautiful parks, CP Montreal is your go-to community cinema with political content for all. If you’re keen on holding a film screening in an off-the-beaten-path or as part of an existing event, don’t hesitate to contact us, we like to keep a little busy between the academic calendars.


Stay tuned for upcoming screenings for montreal!