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 Last Thursday, CP Fundy screened "Power of Community" in Sussex, New Brunswick to an audience that spanned three generations. As we set up the projector and made popcorn for the show, familiar faces trickled in and were soon chatting and catching up with old and new friends alike. Despite being only the third film shown by CP Fundy, there's already a noticeable feeling of normalcy to the evenings - as if they've been happening longer than three months.  The film was a hit and it provided a great platform for discussion. After the films the 20 or so people in attendance eagerly discussed their initial image of Cuba and some reflected on trips to the island. Many of the older folks in the audience reflected on their childhood in New Brunswick. A time when communities grew their own food and goods were produced in small cottage industries. The discussion came back around to present time and people shared their feelings about how our own communities could change to become more resilient to peak oil. This lead to discussions of local food production and home vegetable gardening. One question hovered on everyone's mind - could our community (and North America in general) choose to be proactive about peak oil? And what type of leadership is needed.   It was a wonderful evening and we look forward to the next one, 
Excitement is building for the big kick off night of Cinema Politica Fundy this Thursday  in Sussex, New Brunswick. We thought it would be appropriate, since this is a farming region, to start it all off with a film about farming. So we'll be screening "The Real Dirt on Farmer John" a hit at film festivals and in homes around the continent. With still a couple days to go before the first film, there's already a growing buzz in town about the documentary film series. I know this is something our local has looked forward to for a long time and I think we're not the only ones...  

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