Cinema Politica University of Lethbridge

Screening truth to power since 2007

The Lethbridge Public Interest Research Group (LPIRG) is proud to bring Cinema Politica to the students and citizens of Lethbridge, Alberta. We have screenings on a broad range of topics, and encourage the viewers to suggest topics which interest them.

LPIRG is a student funded and directed group located on the campus of the University of Lethbridge. Established in 2002, LPIRG provides funding and assistance to students who are conducting research, organizing events or action groups, or otherwise furthering their education in a manner which benefits the public interest. It is with the education of the public interest in mind that LPIRG has decided to become involved in Cinema Politica. All LPIRG presented installments of Cinema Politica will be completely free to attend for both students and community members. Following the screenings a group discussion of the film and its message will be held and moderated by LPIRG, and on specific evenings a speaker will give a presentation on the same topic.

All views are welcome and respected at these screenings, even those in opposition to the messages of the films or the presenters. Two venues will be utilized, depending on which one is available on the evening of the screening. Either Galileo’s Gallery, located on Level Two of the University of Lethbridge’s Students’ Union Building, or the Lethbridge Public Library will be the site of the films.

All questions and comments are welcome and should be directed to our email addresses, displayed to the right.

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Cinema Politica University of Lethbridge aimerais remercier leurs collaborateurs pour leur soutien continu.