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// Films // Amazon Voices: In the heart of Native American Resistance

Amazon Voices: In the heart of Native American Resistance

Lucile Alemany & Lamia Chraibi / Ecuador - France / 2015 / 52 ' / Spanish - Quechua - English / S.T. English


Francisco Heredia
Lucile Alemany & Lamia Chraibi
Margerie David
Carlos Cabrera

Awards & Festivals

Survival International Award, Festival de Cinema i Drets Humans Barcelona / Paris / New York, 2016
Official Selection, Festival du film et forum international sur les droits humains, Geneva, Switzerland, 2016
Official Selection, Festival Internacional de Cine de los derechos Humanos, Sucre, Bolivia, 2016

Upcoming Screenings

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In Production

In Amazonia, Ecuador, Indigenous communities in a region devastated by Chevron Texaco try to make their voices heard to denounce the damage done by oil extraction


In Sarayaku, Yasuni and Lago Agrio—a region devastated by the Chevron Texaco corporation—, several indigenous communities are still trying to make their voices heard. Denouncing the social, cultural, environmental and human damage caused by oil extraction, they propose profoundly different ways of thinking. How does one define development? What is a good-living society? What solutions can be found in education? 

Get to know those who resist—and those who propose and create new ways to live in society.


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