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Caution Feminists!

Rozenn Potin / Canada / 2011 / 50 ' / French / S.T. English


Josiane Lapointe
Isabelle de Blois
Josiane Lapointe
Roger Guérin
Mathieu Campagna
Pauline Voisard

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A doc that profiles five young activist feminists in Montreal


With CAUTION FEMINISTS! Rozenn Potin witnesses the vivacity of five young feminists, who try to find new methods of analysis and action to reconcile their modern aspirations, convictions and personal development. Rozenn Potin translates big chunks of feminist theory into vivid images in a very sensitive, funny and pertinent manner.

CAUTION FEMINISTS! is a profile of young contemporary feminists. Geneviève, Barbara, Pascale, Coco and Marco represent many different ways to be a feminist today. These young people still believe in a better world. Through their personal and social involvement we meet the new face of feminism: dynamic, funny and ready to fight.

What does it mean to be a feminist today? How does feminism impact on their everyday life? What is it like being a feminist within the family sphere? These are the kind of questions this documentary tries to answer.


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