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East Hastings Pharmacy

Antoine Bourges / Canada / 2012 / 43 ' / English


Antoine Bourges
Lindsay George
Matt Chan
Devon Cook
Stirling Bancroft
Antoine Bourges, Dan Montgomery & Kazik Radwanski

Awards & Festivals

Winner, The Colin Low Award for Canadian Documentary, Doxa Documentary Festival 2013
Cinéma du Reel, Paris 2012

Upcoming Screenings

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In Production

The rituals, negotiations and confrontations of patients visiting a special pharmacy to receive their methadone doses.


Vancouver’s East Hastings has the unfortunate distinction of being home to more drug addicts than any other street in Canada. Here, patients visit a special pharmacy to receive their methadone dose, which they must take in front of the pharmacist. The process involves a series of rituals, negotiations and confrontations in which the staff’s tranquility is the only response to the suffering of bodies ravaged by years of using. Antoine Bourges decided to re-create the tiny space for a kind of sociological study. On a pharmacy set, he filmed reverse-angle shots of an actress recreating the aloof pharmacist’s routine, and real addicts going through their own routine. The stunning gambit results in a mashup of theatre and direct cinema, in which the misery is all too real.


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