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Kevin Papatie / Canada / 2014 / 5 ' / Ojibwe / S.T. French - English


Kevin Papatie & Maxime Lapointe
Maxime Lapointe
Maxime Lapointe
Maxime Lapointe
Storm Cloud
Wapikoni Mobile
Kevin Papatie
Voice over & Narration: Kevin Papatie
Camera: Kevin Papatie, Maxime Lapointe, François Laurent
Photography on bark: Frank A. Rinehart

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Awards & Festivals

Toronto International Film Festival 2015
Skábmagovat Film Festival – Indigenous Peoples’ Film Festival (Finland, 2015)
International Documentary Film Festival of Mexico City (Mexico, 2014)
Festival Présence autochtone (Canada, 2014)

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In Production

An experimental tribute to Papatie's grandmother and the Anishnabe people.


Kevin Papatie, participant of the Wapikoni Mobile since 2004, presents a beautiful experimental film, a tribute to his grandmother, his kokom, and, through it, to the Anishnabe people who have survived the trials of history and remained strong.


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