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Playa Coloniale

Luc Renaud & Martin Bureau / Canada / 2012 / 81 ' / French - Spanish / S.T. English - French


Luc Renaud & Martin Bureau
Luc Renaud & Martin Bureau
Luc Renaud & Martin Bureau
Luc Renaud
Martin Bureau
Fred Fortin
Olivier Langevin
Dan Thouin
Taupe Vidéo
Traitement visuel: Gustavo Saldaña
Conception visuelle et colorisation: Olivier Bolduc-Coutu
Conception et mixage sonore: Robert Thivierge

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Awards & Festivals

Gagnant, Prix Spécial, festival du cinéma documentaire de Gaspé Vues sur mer 2013
Festival du film de l’Outaouais 2013
Rendez-vous du cinéma québécois 2013

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Travelling and being a tourist: two ways to consider the geopolitical dynamics of our travels.


The Quebec winter. Shoveling. Freezing. Complaining. Why endure winter and the hard work of our hectic lives when we can buy ourselves a dream week in the sun at an all inclusive with nothing to do and everything to eat and drink? Finally being able to relax! CUBA! The authentic turquoise CUBA!

By putting to the test the tenacious paradigm of salutary tourism, Playa Coloniale is a grinding look at an industry that, along with its users, doesn’t question itself. Without a doubt, the right to go on vacation after working hard is legitimate.  However, what do we do about our hosts’ right to go on vacation? Is the money we spend there really a source of progress or economic empowerment? Playa Coloniale gives a voice to the protagonists of this problematic: from the Quebec tourist to the Cuban street sweeper or the intellectual dissident who criticizes the system.

TRAVELING and BEING A TOURIST now become two ways to consider the geopolitical dynamics of our travels. For one’s gains facing the others’ jeopardy.


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