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Stella Polaris Ulloriarsuaq

Yatri N. Niehaus / Germany - Greenland / 2017 / 90 ' / English - German - Kalaallisut / S.T. English


Yatri N. Niehaus
Andrew Mottl
Gabriel Saloman
Greg Haines
Yatri N. Niehaus
Visual Effects: Sergej Jurisditzkij
Executive Producers: Nomi Baumgartl, Laali Lyberth, Sven Nieder, Yatri N. Niehaus

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Official Selection, LA Film Festival 2017

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STELLA interrogates the bleak effects of climate change sensorially and counterbalances the information overload audiences are now so used to.


The history of the world has been settling on the Greenlandic ice sheet for millions of years. Massive glaciers constantly unearth long gone states of the planet. The Kalaallit people have been inseparably connected to this "eternal ice" for millennia.

In just a few short years, colonialism dramatically transitioned their culture to a modern life style. Today, as the foundation of their traditions is literally melting beneath their feet, a group of people is committed to conserving messages of this vanishing world.

Under the guidance of the Greenlandic elder Angaangaq Angakkorsuaq and with the aid of two photographers, people from all the social walks of Greenlandic life gather to illuminate glaciers and icebergs in star-lit nights. Over a period of several years, director and cinematographer Yatri N. Niehaus accompanied the lighting project in Greenland.

There, the artists not only met the places, but also the people whose lives are affected by the melting of the ice today.


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