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Sweet Crude

Sandy Cioffi / United States / 2009 / 93 ' / English


Jill Friedberg
Leslye Wood, Jill Friedberg & Sandy Cioffi
Sean Porter
Kate Wolf, Sandy Cioffi, Leslye Wood & Tammi Sims

Awards & Festivals

2011 Winner, Cinema Politica Audience Choice Award
2010 Winner, Everett Women's Film Festival, Winner Best of Fest
2010 Winner, Ashland Independent Film Festival, Finalist Jury Award Best Documentary
2009 Winner, Seattle International Film Festival, Lena Sharpe Award for Persistence of Vision
2009 Winner, DMZ Docs: Korean International Documentary Film Festival, Special Jury Prize
2009 Winner, Bahamas International Film Festival, Best Documentary
2009 Winner, Newburyport Documentary Film Festival, Best Feature
2009 Winner, Strasbourg International Film Festival, Best Documentary
2009 Winner, Tallgrass Film Festival, Audience Choice Feature Film
2009 Winner, Ellensburg Film Festival, Best Documentary
2009 Winner, Red Rock Film Festival, Grand Jury Prize Best Documentary Feature Director

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In Production

A story about survival, corruption, greed and resistance in Nigeria's Niger Delta.


The issues are local and human, yet they have far-reaching political, environmental and economic implications. It’s a powder-keg situation that affects the daily lives and futures of the people who live there. Left unchecked, its consequences will be felt around the globe. Yet barely anyone outside the Delta knows what’s really happening.

Why do we care enough to make this movie? Because raising awareness just might be the tipping point it takes to head off civil war. Because the kids of the Delta deserve a future. Because what happens in Nigeria ripples through African political stability and global economic markets. Because Nigeria produces more than 10 percent of the U.S. oil supply. Ultimately, the events unfolding in the Niger Delta affect us all.

It will take a vigilant world community to advocate for nonviolent political solutions. With this independent documentary, we take a stand for a more truthful conversation, with the hope that a more educated public will hold governments and big oil accountable to peaceful and just resolution.


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