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The Infiltrators

Cristina Ibarra & Alex Rivera / United States / 2019 / 95 ' / English - Spanish / S.T. English


Randy Redroad, Alex Rivera & Aldo Velasco
Alex Rivera & Aldo Velasco
Lisa Rinzler
Cristina Ibarra, Daniel J. Chalfen & Darren Dean

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Two fearless undocumented youth go undercover to expose the atrocities of immigration detention facilities and to work for the release of detainees.


THE INFILTRATORS is a docu-thriller that tells the true story of young immigrants who get arrested by Border Patrol, and put in a shadowy for-profit detention center – on purpose.   Marco and Viri are members of the National Immigrant Youth Alliance, a group of radical Dreamers who are on a mission to stop deportations.  And the best place to stop deportations, they believe, is in detention.  However, when Marco and Viri try to pull off their heist – a kind of ‘prison break’ in reverse – things don’t go according to plan.

By weaving together documentary footage of the real infiltrators with scripted re-enactments of the events inside the detention center, THE INFILTRATORS tells this incredible true story in a boundary-crossing new cinematic language.  The Hollywood Reporter said of the multiple award-winning film “rather than feeling like homework, watching it is a thrill.”


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