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Skawennati / Canada / 2013 / 75 ' / English


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Winner: Best New Media, imagineNATIVE Film, Media, Arts Festival, Toronto, 2013

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This project re-orients the subjectivity of indigenous lived experience & fantasy through movie-making in a virtual environment.


TimeTraveller™ is a multiplatform project that features a nine-episode machinima (machine+cinema) series that tells the cyberpunk tale of Hunter, a young Mohawk man of the 22nd century who looks to his past to figure out what his future will be. Despite his impressive range of traditional skills as a warrior, Hunter is unable to find his way in an overcrowded, hyperconsumerist, technologized world. In an act of desperate clarity, he has decided to use his edutainment system—his TimeTraveller™—to learn more about his heritage, in the hopes of finding his path in life.

TimeTraveller™ immerses him in historical events significant to First Nations and Native Americans, such as the Dakota Sioux Uprising (1852), the Oka Crisis (1990) and the occupation of Alcatraz Island (1969). Along the way, he meets Karahkwenhawi, a young Mohawk woman from our time, who, through a bizarre glitch in the system, also gets a pair of TimeTraveller™ glasses. Together they criss-cross time and Turtle Island, discovering the complexity of history and the meaning of success.


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