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You Never Bike Alone

Robert Alstead / Canada / 2007 / 80 ' / English


Robert Alstead
Robert Alstead & Joanna Clarke

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Official Selection: Moving Pictures Film Festival, 2007
Official Selection, Bicycle Film Festival, 2007

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Have cyclists reached a critical mass?


Cyclists are building critical mass in Vancouver, Canada, and changing the face of the city. YOU NEVER BIKE ALONE charts the development of critical mass rides in Vancouver from the protest rides across the historic Lions Gate Bridge in the early to mid-Nineties, through the "No Fun City" years of the late 1990s and early 2000s, where cyclists were routinely arrested for riding together, up to giant Critical Mass rides of more recent years. Vancouver has become renowned for its big Critical Mass bike rides, and particularly the party spirit that attracts all types of cyclists.

Along the way, YOU NEVER BIKE ALONE strips down for the Wholesome Undie (an underwear ride protesting the Molson Indy race) and throws caution to the wind for the World Naked Bike Ride, a ride founded in Vancouver by a Critical Mass regular.  We catch up with the local "freak" bike collective (who make art bikes from recycled machines) and look at how cyclists are sharing the "velo love" through buildathons, street theatre, and rides.

Drawing on footage shot over the last decade, YOU NEVER BIKE ALONE asks whether cycle activists are succeeding in their goals. Through interviews with motorists "stuck in traffic," cyclists of all backgrounds, and local politicians, some of whom ride on the Mass themselves, it asks whether Critical Mass and similarly styled rides are winning hearts and minds.


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