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Cinema Politica On Demand is your online home for creatively critical and politically daring socially-engaged cinema that you won’t find on corporate platforms like Netflix or Amazon. Our online catalogue is an insurrectionary collection of critically acclaimed and lesser-known punchy political documentaries and fierce fiction works from around the world, which includes exclusive online premieres as well as some of our most popular classics.

CP On Demand delivers hard-hitting, paradigm-shifting documentary (with a sprinkle of fiction, animation and experimental) as individual pay-per-view titles (listed below) or through our subscription service.

Our subscription-based streaming service features a selection of our best online content for an affordable low monthly price of $4.99 USD (the annual rate is even cheaper). New bold titles are added each month, and each new subscription comes with a free trial period.



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Are you an independent filmmaker with a political film in search of an online audience? Contact us at (vod AT cinemapolitica DOT org) to find out how to host your work with CP On Demand.









The Corporation maori PosterPerm-36.Reflexion



Mauri Poster The PA BOYS Poster What Would Jesus Buy? Poster

two cars one night Poster Te rua Poster ngati  Poster

united in anger Poster tunniit Poster The Corporation





sweet crude posteri am rohingya posterWhose Streets poster

united in anger posterKoneline PosterWhose Streets poster

the lesson of the snail PosterKoneline PosterMy Brooklyn Poster

the lesson of the snail PosterKoneline Posterpax americana

the lesson of the snail Poster“portlandMy Brooklyn Poster

My Brooklyn Poster Everyday Rebellion PosterWhat Would Jesus Buy? Poster


My Brooklyn Poster The Caretakers Poster What Would Jesus Buy? Poster

Kettle PosterOut Run PosterBerta Didn't Die Poster

Water on the Table PosterIf a Tree Falls PosterHow to Change the World Poster

Amazon Voices The Blockade Diversidad

Golden Dawn Perm-36.Reflexion Preempting Dissent

Above All Else Anarchronicles Bad Girl

Black Men Loving Crude Gold: The Case of Eco Oro Gulabi Gang

Huicholes Bikes vs. Cars Orgasm Inc.

Uncle BernardSilhouette City Street Politics 101

Crude Gold: Gran Colombia Gold End:Civ Ghosts

The Good Neighbour Grass Honour Your Word

Waves (Moug)The Little Black School HouseGod's Will

A Red Girl's Reasoning Rhythms of ResistanceRiots Reframed

On the Side of the Road Transgender ParentsWatch Continuous Journey on CPVOD

The Art of Resistance Ayiti Toma Between Midnight and the Rooster's Crow

Be... Without Water? En la cama, la casa y la calle Cultures of Resistance Durga East Hastings Pharmacy Encirclement Hands On: Women, Climate, Change The Kalasha and the Crescent Mars at Sunrise Maximum Tolerated Dose Myths for Profit Occupy Love

Pinkwashing Exposed Resistencia: The Fight for the Aguan Valley Roadsworth: Crossing the Line In the Shadow of a Gold Mine Special Flight Terms and Conditions May Apply Wal-Town The Film You Never Bike Alone


On Demand programming at Cinema Politica is comprised of Complimentary Programming and Encore Programming. Click on the section title above to learn more about what you can find in each category.


All payments made for online viewing and/or downloads of CP ON DEMAND titles go directly toward filmmakers and Cinema Politica in a revenue-sharing scheme that not only benefits independent political filmmakers but our organization as well. Since CP doesn't accept corporate sponsorship or donations, we rely on every donation, small or large, as well as payments for our VOD service. We hope you enjoy and thanks for your support!



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