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For our sixth local spotlight, we asked the folks behind CP Waterloo to divulge how they inspire action in their student body and beyond as members of the CP Network.
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We are on the hunt, once again, for political cinema, this time for our Fall 2015 Program.
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In light of recent legal developments around the despicable treatment of Omar Khadr, a CP film is back in the spotlight.
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We've added a bold and timely new film to our Adopt-a-doc initiative that questions the mainstreaming of pride and the assimilation of queer politics into hetero-mainstream culture.

// upcoming screenings

Jul 16
06:00 pm
MacKenzie, Beth Wishart / CA / 2013 / 49 '
A documentary exploration of the journey of healing in a people wounded by the Canadian Indian Residential School system.
Aug 03
08:45 pm
Cohen, Ari A. / CA / 2014 / 70 '
Food issues around health, the environment, access and empowerment are at the heart of this exceptional farm doc.
Aug 17
08:40 pm
Whitten, Diana / US / 2014 / 88 '
Brave activists sail across the world to provide safe abortions for women with no access to them, and to exchange expertise with local reproductive rights groups.
Aug 24
08:30 pm
Multiple artists / CA / 2014 / 48 '
Un film mettant en vedette des femmes abordant la question de la justice climatique avec un accent sur le probleme des sables bitumineux canadiens.
Aug 27
07:00 pm
Zacharias Kunuk & Ian Mauro / CA / 2010 / 60 '
Inuit culture and expertise regarding environmental change and indigenous ways of adapting to it.
Sep 01
09:00 pm
Arman T. Riahi & Arash Riahi / AT / 2014 / 112 '
From The Yes Men to Femen to the Spanish Indignados this inspiring film travels the globe to highlight creative nonviolent resistance and civil disobedience.

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