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We've added MANIC and SHADOWS OF LIBERTY, two award-winning and timely films by Quebec filmmakers, to our streaming services!
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On this World Food Day, we thought it worth highlighting the ongoing violation of sovereign Mi'kmaq fishing rights in Nova Scotia.
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Reconfiguring our activities, CP Network remains engaged in educating and mobilizing our communities around political documentaries and their subjects well beyond the screen!
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From front-line workers caring for those infected, to those working with grieving loved ones, to those providing crucial services – care has never been so urgent, nor so integral ...
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We have many fantastic new titles to discover, and while it is not the same as hosting in-person screenings, there is solace in the sense of community we can still cultivate online ...

// upcoming screenings

Oct 27
05:30 pm
Rozenn Potin / CA / 2011 / 50 '
A doc that profiles five young activist feminists in Montreal
Oct 28
07:00 pm
Franny Armstrong / UK / 2009 / 92 '
Why didn't we save ourselves when we had the chance?
Nov 02
06:30 pm
Min Sook Lee / CA / 2003 / 51 '
Poverty-sticken labourers facing exploitative working conditions make their annual migration to southern Ontario.
Nov 11
07:00 pm
Nathalie Berger & Leo David Hyde / CH / 2019 / 68 '
A humorous and incisive take on the exploitative industry of unpaid internships, against “experience” being earned at the expense of a living wage.
Nov 25
07:00 pm
Assia Boundaoui / US / 2018 / 87 '
A journalist's investigation into surveillance in her own Arab-American neighbourhood leads her to uncover one of the FBI's largest pre 9/11 terrorism probes.
Dec 09
07:00 pm
Cynthia Lowen / US / 2018 / 96 '
An insightful wake-up call about the impact of assault, harassment and defamation women face online, yet a celebration of three fighters against this epidemic.

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