Dope is Death

by Mia Donovan
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Institutional, Home-Use, Community Screenings
About the Film

In 1973, Dr. Mutulu Shakur, along with fellow Black Panthers and the Young Lords, combined community health with radical politics to create the first acupuncture detoxification program in America. This form of radical harm reduction was a revolutionary act toward the government programs that transfixed the lives of black and brown communities throughout the South Bronx.

DOPE IS DEATH utilizes an abundant archive while giving us insight into how the acupuncture clinic rose to prominence and, despite funding challenges, still functions to this day. Some of those who benefited from the program became acupuncturists themselves. Dr. Mutulu’s legacy is cemented within this profound story of community healing and activism. (Amir George of True/False)

2020  ·  1h21m  ·  Canada
Festivals and Awards
Mia Donovan
Mia Donovan
Additional Editors
Myriam Magassouba, Ryan Mullins
Original Music
Ramachandra Borcar
Sound Designer and Re-recording Mixer
Cory Rizos
Online Editor
Samantha Neboschizkij
Production Manager
Marina Serrão
Associate Producer
Katie McKay
Line Producer
Valerie Shamash
Bob Moore
Executive Producer
Daniel Cross, Mila Aung-Thwin
About the Director

Mia Donovan

Mia Donovan is a filmmaker based in Montreal. She has written and directed three feature documentaries, Inside Lara Roxx (2011), Deprogrammed (2015) and Dope is Death (2020). Her films have been presented worldwide at film festivals, on TV broadcasts, theatrically and on digital platforms such as Netflix. In 2016 she wrote and directed her first virtual reality experience called Deprogrammed VR (2016) which won the coveted IDFA DocLab Award for Digital Storytelling that year. Aside from working on her own projects, she worked as a story consultant on Ubisoft’s Far Cry 5 and directed the music video for Rufus Wainwright’s video Trouble In Paradise. She is currently developing her first narrative feature called The Touch of Her Flesh.

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