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Notes on Displacement

by Khaled Jarrar
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About the Film

The news is full of images of overcrowded boats and vast tent camps. But how much do we really know about what refugees are going through? Notes on Displacement takes a deep dive by following a single family on a grueling journey, destination Germany. Their fear, disorientation, and solidarity is palpable.

Nadira, an elderly Palestinian, has been a refugee since the age of 12. And now she has to leave Damascus, too. She and her daughter Mona feared for their lives there, but the idea of a safe existence elsewhere is a distant dream. Filmmaker Khaled Jarrar receives unsettling videos and voice messages as they cross to the Greek island of Lesbos. He joins them there, on the long road to a better life.

Jarrar has his personal reasons for going through this experience in order to eliminate, in his own images, the distance so dominant in Western media coverage. He worms his way through the thronging crowds, gets lost in the night with his group, discovers how dangerous language barriers can be, and wanders around in the dehumanizing camps. And in a sense he—along with the viewer— becomes a true member of this family.

2022  ·  1h40m  ·  Germany, Palestine, Qatar
Festivals and Awards
IDFA, Official Selection, Envision Competition
Khaled Jarrar
Khaled Jarrar, Thomas Kaske
Khaled Jarrar, Iris Pakulla & Yasmin Zaher
Gladys Joujou
Production Company
Jenin Films, Kaske Film & Odeh Films

"Skilfully crafted, with a commendably thorough attention to the whys and hows of migrant/refugee issues"

"Notes on Displacement offers an important form of representation that can coerce people and institutions to engage with the crisis and ameliorate it rather than simply erecting barriers and hiding behind them."

About the Director

Khaled Jarrar

Born in the occupied West Bank in 1976, Khaled Jarrar currently lives and works in Tucson, where he researches the potential fallout of the proposed border wall between Mexico and the United States. He is also working on a film and multimedia series that documents his month-long journey with a group of migrants who travelled to Europe last year in order to draw attention to the plight of Syrian refugees.

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