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Aryana Resurrected

by Brishkay Ahmed
Sometime in the future, the women of Afghanistan rule.
2018  ·  10m  ·  Canada
Dari, English
English subs
About the Film

The name ARYANA means “holy one”. Many decades ago, the nation of ARYANA was forcefully transitioned into becoming AFGHANISTAN, the land of seven tribes. This period of rule, brought tremendous suffering, especially for the women and girls of the nation. Outsiders entered and exited, raping the land of its resources until it was useless to invaders and too broken for the tribal war lords to make use of. Afghan men gave up on the nation. Finally, the women came out of the shadows. Slowly, through decades, they restructured the nation into the small self-sufficient nation of ARYANA.

ARYANA RESURRECTED looks at the future of this nation through the powerful and difficult action taken by its women. The men of the nation are locked away. They’re being rehabilitated to re-enter the nation of ARYANA as egalitarians. PTSD, war traumas and addictions caused the men a lot of pain. They acted out in unreasonable and unholy manners on the women. Decades ago, the women of ARYANA took a vote against misogynistic self-serving goals, and fundamentalist ideas. The men of ARYANA have been quarantined since 2047. Now, it is 2077. We meet the women of Aryana on the year and day they must vote…Do we allow the men into society?

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Brishkay Ahmed
Brishkay Ahmed
Assistant Director
Sami Ataee
Brishkay Ahmed
Ali Husain Husaini
Camera Assistant
Jamshid Sarwari
Sound Editor
Chris Hind and Doug Paterson
Sound Mixer
Sajed Qanbari
Re-Recording Mixer
Doug Paterson and Big World Sound
Soundtrack Composer
Chris Hind
Yasmin Yarmal, Farzana Nawabi, Senobar Mirzai, Sayed Osman Hashemi, and Mohammad Shabir Rasouli
Hair and Makeup
Maryam Gholamall
Production Assistant/Driver
Hakim Ahmadi
Additional Music
Tears of a Prophet, Alya & the Moon, and Jonathan Taylor Brittunculi
Kabul Production Coordinator
Sajed Qanbari
Executive Producers (CP)
Svetla Turnin and Ezra Winton
Project Coordinator
James Goddard
About the Director

Brishkay Ahmed

Brishkay Ahmed studied film at New York University, then furthered her education through the Iranian Young Cinema Society. She is an Afghan-Canadian filmmaker committed to sharing women’s stories with global audiences. Brishkay is the writer and co-director of Afghanistan’s popular primetime drama series Between You and Me (Tolo TV, 2011/2013). Her 2012 documentary, Story of Burqa, was supported by Super Channel and the National Film Board of Canada and was featured on the World Policy Institute Blog. Her third documentary, Unveiled: The Kohistan Video Scandal was broadcast on Al Jazeera and is distributed by Java Films. Throughout her career, Brishkay’s projects have been supported by the Canada Council for the Arts, BC Film Commission, Bravo TV, CMF, CBC Radio, NFB, and BC Arts Council.

(Image courtesy of directors.ca.)



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