Image from Baghdad On Fire
Image from Baghdad On Fire

Baghdad on Fire

by Karrar Al-Azzawi
A burning insider account of the hopes and dreams of Iraqi youth, led by a 19-year-old woman who faces the enormous consequences of fighting for democracy, freedom and a future.
2023  ·  1h  ·  Iraq, Norway
English subs
About the Film

19-year-old Tiba and her friends are hopeful. They are fighting for democracy in Iraq. They are on the forefront of the biggest youth movement in the 20 years since the US invaded the country and deposed Saddam Hussein. Together with friends Khader and Yousif, she has started a medical team that sews and patches and helps the brave young protesters when they have been bathed in tear gas yet again.

They spend days and nights in tents in Tahrir Square in the centre of Baghdad. Here they discuss and plan how to bring freedom, democracy and change to Iraq. They are tired of militias, corrupt politicians and foreign troops defining the country. Tiba has left the forced marriage she ended up in at 14 and is also fighting for the rights of other women.

‘Baghdad On Fire’ is an energetic account from inside the demonstrations and of the new Iraqi youth. A story full of hope and faith and courage and joy, but also a story full of pain and the cost that courage and the fight for freedom will always have.

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Karrar Al-Azzawi
About the Director

Karrar Al-Azzawi

Karrar Al-Azzawi is an Iraqi filmmaker who lives in Norway. He is a BFA student at the TV School, Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences, Lillehammer, Bachelor of Film- Directing and he will finish Spring 2023. He works as an independent film director as well as working at Integral Film. His vision is to contribute to changing the world by fostering greater understanding and solidarity between people.

“Baghdad on fire” is Al-Azzawi’s international debut film. He is currently working on making it into his first feature film. In addition, he is working with a documentary film called “Dreaming Souls” which tell the story of two girls with Down Syndrome, one girl from Iraq and one from Norway.

During his five years in the asylum process, he made the short film ’’Just Crumbs’’ (2016) and organized international photography exhibitions called “Forgotten”, in several European countries with the aim to raise awareness about the refugee situation around the world.