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Min Sook Lee / Canada / 2006 / 25 ' / English - French / S.T. English


Ricardo Acosta
Rion Gonzales
Edgardo Moreno
Tanya Chute Molina, Lisa Valencia-Svensson & Min Sook Lee
Narration Writer: Dionne Brand
Vocalist: Maryem Tollar

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2007 Imagining Ourselves Online Film Festival

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In Production

A docu-poem about the lives of undocumented workers in Canada


My film tells the story of undocumented workers in Canada who take the low-paying jobs that Canadians refuse to. They sew clothes in Montreal, clean high rises in Vancouver and build houses in Toronto. Their low wages subsidize our first world economy.

Using silhouetted interviews and stylized imagery shot on Super 8 and mini-dv, Borderless tells the story of Angela and Geraldo. Angela works as a domestic help caring for other people's children while her own child is growing up motherless in the Caribbean. Geraldo arrived from Costa Rica to work in the construction industry, which heavily relies on undocumented workers. In Ontario alone, almost a quarter of homebuilders are undocumented.

Many young women of my generation face migration. According to the International Organization for Migration, women now constitute half of the international migrant population, and in some countries, as much as 70 and 80 percent. These young women are exposed to a much higher risk of exploitation, violence and abuse.

I made this film to show the realities behind migration to Canada and to challenge our accustomed ways of seeing. Through the eyes of undocumented workers, we see a different Canada. Geraldo puts it best when he says, "Beyond the borders of Canada, Canada is Canada. But inside the borders of Canada, it is something else."


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