Finite: The Climate of Change

by Rich Felgate
Finite: The Climate of Change is a raw, authentic and emotional insight into the battle between communities, activists and fossil fuel corporations.
2022  ·  1h29m  ·  United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
About the Film

Inside the core of the climate movement, concerned citizens in Germany put their bodies on the line to save the ancient Hambach forest from one of Europe’s biggest coal mines.

Every year since the 1970s, a section of the forest has been cut by Europe’s biggest CO2 emitter, energy giant RWE. Now just 10% remains. Robin, Indigo and Clumsy are part of a secretive community of dedicated activists who have spent years living in self-built treehouses to halt the chainsaws. They are heading for a final showdown with RWE and the police to decide whether the forest is wiped off the map forever, or if the all powerful fossil fuel industry can be stopped before we fall off the cliff of climate breakdown.

The activists form an unlikely alliance with a frustrated but tight-knit community in rural northeast England who have spent 30 years fighting plans for a new coal mine next to their homes. Julia, June and their neighbours have exhausted all legal avenues to protect the beautiful valley where their children grew up. With mining about to begin, the community feel they have no choice but to occupy the valley to halt work commencing.

FINITE is a cinematic, timely insider’s view of the world of direct action and climate activism; a raw, shocking, intimate and emotional insight into the David and Goliath battle between ordinary people and fossil fuel corporations. A localised chapter of the story that will define humanity. FINITE lays bare what the green leaders of the world are really doing to our natural environment but also how collective action can turn the tide against all odds.

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Festivals and Awards
Leeds International Film Festival, Official Selection
Ryan Keane
Ariadna Fatjó-Vilas
Executive Producer
Chris Richmond
Daniel Diaz
About the Director

Rich Felgate

Rich is climate activist turned filmmaker. In the making of FINITE:, Rich spent a year and a half living in protest camps in the UK and Germany with the communities featured in the film.His footage has been used by BBC, CNN, Sky, ARTE, The Washington Post, Channel 4, ITV, The Guardian and more.