Still from Grass
Still from Grass

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by Ron Mann
A truthful and hilarious historical account of marijuana prohibition
2000  ·  1h20m  ·  Canada
About the Film
Award- winning director Ron Mann (Comic Book Confidential, Twist) hooks up with actor/ activist Woody Harrelson to deal you GRASS, a highly spirited and innovative look into one of America’s most deeply rooted cultural myths: “the evils of marijuana.” Utilizing hilarious footage from U.S. Government propaganda films, and eye- popping animation from underground artist Paul Mavrides, GRASS blows the lid off the war on marijuana. Find out how a nice person like yourself became a dangerous criminal.
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Keith Clarkson
Solomon Vesta
About the Director

Ron Mann

Ron Mann
Ron Mann

Toronto filmmaker Ron Mann is one of Canada’s foremost documentary filmmakers. Mann established his international reputation while in his twenties with a series of award-winning theatrical documentaries, including Imagine the Sound (1981), Poetry in Motion (1982), Comic Book Confidential (1988), Twist (1992), and Grass (1999). Ron’s other films include Go Further (2003), Tales of the Rat Fink (2006), Know Your Mushrooms (2008), In the Wake of the Flood (2010), Altman (2014) and Carmine Street Guitars (2018). Ron has also acted as executive producer on the documentaries Brakhage (1998), Examined Life (2008), Mighty Uke (2010), Lunarcy! (2012), Mermaids (2016) I Called Him Morgan (2016) as well as the television series Pure Pwnage (2010).

In 2002, Ron also founded FILMS WE LIKE, a boutique distributor of documentary, independent and international films in Canada. Beginning with Sam Green and Bill Siegel’s The Weather Underground (2002), Films We Like has released over 300 films and counting.



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