by Tove Pils
Hanna leaves to go to San Francisco, where at a party, she meets the professional dominatrix Chloe and the escort Cyd and soon they embark on a self-fulfilling journey together.
2023  ·  1h35m  ·  Sweden
About the Film

Hanna leaves her family and her girlfriend behind to go to San Francisco. She dreams of exploring her sexuality way beyond what is possible in her small Swedish hometown. At a party in San Francisco she gets to know two experienced sex workers: Chloe, a professional domina with dreams of a better life and Cyd, a playful and shameless escort, selling sex to gay men.

Together with them Hanna embarks on a journey. For the first time in her life she starts to feel like she could belong somewhere. But staying in San Francisco is expensive. To be able to remain in the city Hannah wants to try sexwork herself and starts working with Chloe.

Chloe and Cyd are at a different part of their journey, wanting to create more stable lives for themselves in a city that is rapidly gentrifying. There are both ups and downs to sex work for all of them and while Hanna is beginning to live the life she’s been dreaming of, there is something looming at the horizon. Hanna’s new way of life doesn’t align with the values of her loved ones back in Sweden. But maybe her girlfriend will understand Hanna’s choices better after she comes to visit? And maybe if Hanna dares to be open to her parents they would actually become closer?

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About the Director

Tove Pils

In their works, Pils seeks to widen the notion of sexuality and gender. Filmmaking is a wayforPilsto create a structure to explore what they and their community long for and strive tocreate; spaces to explore sexuality, open relationships, queer rituals or gender beyond thebinary.Pilsworks with both documentary and fiction. Previous work includes Sugar Oil PineWater (2021), PUSH ME (2014)