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Sarah Sandring / Germany - Canada / 2014 / 42 ' / English - Innu / S.T. English


Jessica Ehlebracht
Rohan Chitrakar
Agnieszka Kruczek
Marco Dölle
Johannes Königer

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Awards & Festivals

2014 Berkeley Special Screening Series, Berkeley, USA
2014 Montréal First Peoples Festival, Montréal, Canada
2014 Nepal International Indigenous Film Festival, Kathmandu, Nepal

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In Production

In 1948, a group of Mushua Innus (Labrador) were resettled far from their ancestral land. The community has kept the memory of this exodus.


In a 1948 clandestine operation, 100 Mushuau Innu - an indigenous hunting people of Northern Labrador, Canada - were ordered into the cargo hold of a ship and transported far beyond their lands.

To this day, the events remain shrouded in mystery. - A ship, piercing winds, the death of a young man and insurmountable mountains. - All are recurring fragments, parts of a jigsaw puzzle with many missing pieces. Though only a short two-year period, the move to Nutak was an omen for what was to follow. It marked the first attempt of the Canadian government to settle the nomadic Mushuau Innu.


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