still from NUTAK
still from NUTAK

Nutak – Memories of a Resettlement

by Sarah Sandring
In 1948, a group of Mushua Innus (Labrador) were resettled far from their ancestral land. The community has kept the memory of this exodus.
2014  ·  Canada, Germany
English, Innu
English subs
About the Film
In a 1948 clandestine operation, 100 Mushuau Innu – an indigenous hunting people of Northern Labrador, Canada – were ordered into the cargo hold of a ship and transported far beyond their lands. To this day, the events remain shrouded in mystery. – A ship, piercing winds, the death of a young man and insurmountable mountains. – All are recurring fragments, parts of a jigsaw puzzle with many missing pieces. Though only a short two-year period, the move to Nutak was an omen for what was to follow. It marked the first attempt of the Canadian government to settle the nomadic Mushuau Innu.
Upcoming Screenings

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Festivals and Awards
Berkeley Special Screening Series, Berkeley, USA
Montréal First Peoples Festival, Montréal, Canada
Nepal International Indigenous Film Festival, Kathmandu, Nepal
Jessica Ehlebracht
Rohan Chitrakar
Agnieszka Kruczek
Soundtrack Composer
Johannes Königer
Production Company
Nirgun Films
About the Director

Sarah Sandring

Sarah Sandring

Sarah Sandring was born in 1980 in East Berlin, Germany, and works as documentary filmmaker, cinematographer and still photographer.
After completing a B.S. in “Mass Media Studies” and “Video Production” at SUNY Plattsburgh, New York, Sarah received her Master of Fine Arts in “Film” at Boston University. At that time, she worked for PBS and Story House Productions in New York, amongst others.
Since returning to Germany in 2006, Sarah has been making her own films and programs commissioned by German television and non-governmental organizations like the WWF. Since 2008, she has been leading a documentary collaboration with the Mushuau Innu First Nation of Labrador, Canada, resulting in her documentaries NUTSHIMIT – ON THE LAND (51 min, 2010) and NUTAK – MEMORIES OF A RESETTLEMENT (42 min, 2014), the founding of a youth video-training initiative and a travelling film festival for Innu-language film.
As photographer and artist, Sarah Sandring often collaborates with communities on location on projects that challenge the distinction between documentary and art and strengthen local perspectives. PICTURING ME (2012), a photography collaboration with children of a village in Punjab, India, and the portrait series INHERITORS OF PROGRESS (2014-16) in Germany are examples of such projects. She also teaches Docu-Art within the Climate Culture Communication Lab (CCClab).
Her feature documentary JONATHAN (74 min, 2011, WDR/3Sat) was honored with the Japanese Children Earth Vision Award and the Special Jury Award of the German Deutscher Naturfilmpreis 2012 amongst others.



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