Peace Out: Energy Costs

by Charles Wilkinson
On the top left corner of North America an energy bonanza of unimaginable proportions is taking place – far away from the eyes of the world.
2011  ·  1h20m  ·  Canada
About the Film
In Canada’s vast Peace River region the mega-projects include a major new dam, tens of thousands of hydro-fracked shale gas wells,  a nuclear power plant, and the Tar Sands. On the positive side of the ledger, countless jobs are being created, resource revenues are pouring in, schools and hospitals are staying open.  Alternatively, there are credible charges that multi-national corporations are despoiling an area the size of Florida, converting public assets into private fortunes and leaving a wake of Mordor-like destruction.  Who to believe? In Peace Out, filmmaker Charles Wilkinson (Down Here, Max), assembles a brilliant cast of specialists who are credible, reasonable, occasionally irreverent, but always extraordinarily well informed on the subject. The film resists pointing a finger at the usual suspects.  Instead it probes the deeper causes underlying the symptoms of environmental exploitation. Audiences have described Peace Out as “beautiful, inspiring, frightening, reflective, shocking, provocative, and undeniably real.”  Above all, it’s a deeply heartfelt account of what’s really going on up North and how our choices down South are making it so.
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Festivals and Awards
Available Light Film Festival , Winner: Audience Choice - Best Documentary
Available Light Film Festival, Whitehorse, Yukon, Official Selection
Hot Docs, Toronto, Winner: Special Jury Prize - Canadian Feature
Global Visions Film Festival, Official Selection
Vancouver International Film Festival, Winner: Most Popular Canadian Documentary
Charles Wilkinson & Tina Schliessler
Tina Schliessler
Sound Editor
Soundtrack Composer
About the Director

Charles Wilkinson

Charles Wilkinson is a Canadian filmmaker with a large body of documentary and dramatic film and television to his credit.  His critically acclaimed Haida Gwaii: On The Edge Of The World won Most Popular Canadian Documentary at Vancouver International Film Festival, National Film Critics Best Documentary, the Director’s Guild Allan King Award for Excellence in Documentary and Best Canadian Documentary at Hot Docs.

Wilkinson’s other recent feature documentary work includes Vancouver: No Fixed Address, Oil Sands Karaoke, and Peace Out. Having started out in documentary and prior to returning with this suite of long forms, Wilkinson spent time writing and directing dramatic feature films and directed TV movies for Disney, ABC & CBS as well as US and Canadian TV series.

Wilkinson’s latest multi award winning feature documentary Haida Modern: The Art and Activism of Robert Davidson has been selected at numerous international festivals as well as being chosen as the official opening and closing films of several.  The film is currently in broadcast and distribution in both Canada and the US.

Charles was born in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies.  He became a well-known country singer/TV performer/recording artist in his youth.  He spent a decade working logging, mechanical, building, and welding before attending film school, receiving several post graduate degrees and launching his career as an author & filmmaker.  Charles lives with his family on an inlet near Vancouver.