by Vee Bravo
PRIMERA tells the story of Chile's revolutionary path towards a new constitution.
2021  ·  1h36m  ·  Chile
English, Spanish
About the Film
Over the course of a year, PRIMERA chronicles the social uprising that evolved into a nation-wide movement, beginning with the student takeover of Santiago’s metro system and ending with the historic plebiscite that paved the way for the writing of a new constitution. The film offers an immersive look at the year-long process through the experiences of everyday Chileans who were affected by the violent police repression at the start of the social uprising.
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Executive Producer and Producer
Vee Bravo, Catherine Gund, Kevin A. Lopez
Associate Producer
Oscar Castillo, Emiliano Walter Fritz, Juan H. Rosario, Rodrigo Venegas
Archival Producer
Tatiana Lorca
Investigative Research
Tatiana Lorca
Field Producer
Luis Ortega
Zak Engel
Ruben Collado, Andrés Cárdenas
Film Editing
Elisa Correa
Art Direction
Yong Ho Cho
Graphic Design
Pamela Chavez, Brianna Difelice, Juliano Domingues
Andrés Cárdenas
Sound Recordist
Jessica Bruna Figueroa, Francisco Cortes Picazo, Peter Rosenthal
Re-Recording Mixer
Eli Cohn
Sound Designer
Eli Cohn
Sound Effects Editor
Jack Sasner
Visual Effects
Yong Ho Cho
Camera Operators
Matias Bernales, Antonia Colodro, Diego Delanoe, Francisco Moreira
Jorge Reyes, Juan Urzua
Drone Operator
Gonzalo Zuniga
Eric Alvarado
First Assistant Editor
Fredy Chica
Technical Editor
Jack Maccoll
Assistant Editor
Gennesis Erize Pantaleon
About the Director

Vee Bravo

Vee Bravo is a New York native by way of Chile who has documented hip hop, youth culture and politics for the past 25 years. During that time span he co-founded Stress Magazine and launched a series of music, media and film production initiatives across public schools. As a filmmaker Bravo co-produced, with Loira Limbal, the PBS documentary Estilo Hip Hop [2009] which chronicles the rise of hip hop activism across Latin America. In 2009 he was hired by the late Albert Maysles to launch the Education Department at the Maysles Documentary Center. From 2011-2018, Bravo served as Vice President Education at Tribeca Film Institute. Here, Bravo spearheaded a vast array of filmmaking and social impact programs that reached an excess of 30,000 students in public schools and prisons across the nation. In addition, Bravo has served as a story consultant to George Lucas and Oprah Winfrey. Bravo is currently producing and directing PRIMERA, a feature length documentary about present-day social uprising in Chile.