Still from Seeking Netukulimk
Still from Seeking Netukulimk

Seeking Netukulimk

by Martha Stiegman
This doc showcases the struggles of First Nations activists, their commitment to sustainability and their resistance against state oppression.
2013  ·  21m  ·  Canada
English, Mi'gmaq
English subs
About the Film
Kerry Prosper is a passionate fisher and Mi’kmaq elder, who is teaching his grandchildren how to exercise their treaty rights by fishing eels. But those rights come with sacred responsibilities to care for the land and waters of Mi’kma’ki. Seeking Netukulimk is a lyrical exploration of the traditional laws that govern fishing in the Mi’kmaq world, and some of the political battles that have been fought to defend them.
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Festivals and Awards
Atlantic Film Festival, Official Selection
Terres en vue festival, Official Selection
Festival Présence autochtone / Montréal First Peoples Festival, Official Selection
In the Press
Halifax Media Co-op
Sarah Byrne
Martha Stiegman
Martha Stiegman, Kerry Prosper, Jane McMillan and Anthony Davis
Sound Editor
Martha Stiegman
Martha Stiegman and Kerry Prosper
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About the Director

Martha Stiegman

Martha Stiegman

Martha Stiegman is a passionate and engaged community-media and documentary filmmaker who shares the lives and struggles of the people she films with. Currently based in Halifax, her work has screened in festivals around the world from Tunisia and New Zealand to Brazil.

Her first two documentaries, In Defense of our Treaties (2007) and The End of the Line (2007) explore alliances between Mi’kmaq and non-native fishing communities in her home province of Nova Scotia. She is curently directing, Honour Your Word which follows two young leaders in the Barriere Lake Algonquins’ fight to protect their ancestral lands; and K’at, documenting the importantce of eel fishing for the Mi’kmaq community of Paq’tnkek First Nation. Indigenous struggles and non-native solidarity have been the focus of Martha’s film work, community-arts practice and academic reseach for more than six years.

She holds a joint doctorate in Communications Studies and Political Science from Concordia University, exploring dynamics of Mi’kmaq Treaty Rights Recognition in Nova Scotia.

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