The Art of Sin

by Ibrahim Mursal
A Sudanese refugee and artist is joined on his journey home by a Muslim filmmaker, confronting prejudice and the criminalization of homosexuality in Sudan.
2020  ·  59m  ·  Norway, Sudan
Arabic, English
English subs
About the Film

In THE ART OF SIN, director Ibrahim Mursal has to face his own deeply ingrained prejudice while following the journey of gender-fluid Sudanese refugee and artist Ahmed Umar. With a deeply religious background, he struggles with his own cultural concept of masculinity.

In 2015, Ahmed came out as gay on Facebook, making him the first openly gay man from Sudan and causing a massive outrage in the Sudanese community. Although the 30-year dictatorship fell by revolution in 2019, homosexuality is still punishable by death in Sudan. Still, Ahmed takes a chance and goes back to Sudan to see his mother again.

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AbdElrahim Kattab & Erland Edenholm
Kim Krohn Berle
Sound Editor
Halstein Larsen
Geir Bergersen
About the Director

Ibrahim Mursal

For Sudanese – Somalian – Norwegian director Ibrahim Mursal, the film THE ART OF SIN is more than four years of asking and thinking through cross cultural questions:

“I was going through a mini identity crisis. I was born in Norway to Somali parents; my religious family left for Sudan in the late 90’s. There I received top class religious education and graduated as an oil engineer before pursuing my true passion: filmmaking. In 2013, I decided to come back to Norway. In Norway, my years of conservative upbringing met one of the most liberal and secular societies in existence. Being away from the common religious dogma I hid behind in Sudan; I found myself having to answer some hard questions. One of the them: What do I think of homosexuality? This was the start of this story and the film “The Art of Sin”.



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