Still from Tracing Blood
Still from Tracing Blood

Tracing Blood

by Lisa Jodoin
This experimental film-made debut tells the story of one woman’s search for family.
2014  ·  5m  ·  Canada
About the Film
When Maria falls asleep while trying to find a connection to her estranged family, a mysterious figure appears to her and leads her on a surreal journey that is full of surprises and unexpected lessons. In this experimental film-made debut, Tracing Blood tells the story of one woman’s search for family and the deep-rooted connectedness that she finds instead.
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About the Director

Lisa Jodoin

Lisa Jodoin NFB
Lisa Jodoin NFB

Originally from Sept-Iles, in Northern Québec and Toronto, Lisa Jodoin is an Innu filmmaker, as well as a researcher for the Urban Aboriginal Knowledge Network in Fredericton. She moved to New Brunswick to undertake a PhD in Canadian (Native) Literature at UNB. She also holds a MA in Creative Writing from Lakehead University in Thunder Bay, Ontario.
Jodoin made her first short film, Tracing Blood, in 2014 through the ImagiNATIVE bursary (of the ImagiNATIVE Film and Media Festival) and attended the first Women Making Waves WIFT-AT Conference. Tracing Blood gives a filmic representation to Jodoin’s experience and questioning of her indigenous identity and is about trying to find community when one is away from his or her family. Including lovely images of zoomorphism (with her actress wearing woods), the short film incorporates an exquisite narration: “Who is an Indian? An Indian is an Indian (…) my blood remembers (…) my pulse is an echo of you.” According to Jodoin’s storyteller, “when we seek out history, history seeks us out too.”