Still from Two Scoops
Still from Two Scoops

Two Scoops

by Jackie Traverse
A deeply personal animated film about the infamous 60s scoop.
2008  ·  3m  ·  Canada
About the Film
Hand-drawn animations punctuate this touching personal story about the 60’s “scoop” of Aboriginal children into the Canadian child-welfare system.
Upcoming Screenings

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Pat Aylesworth and Alison Davis
Jackie Traverse and Crossing Communities Art Project
Soundtrack Composer
Wanda Wilson
Jackie Traverse
Jessica MacCormack
About the Director

Jackie Traverse

Jackie Traverse
Jackie Traverse

Jackie Traverse is a multidiscipline artist working in many mediums from painting in oils and acrylics to mixed media, sculpture and stop motion animation.

“From the time I was four years old, I knew I wanted to be an artist. I would spend hours drawing.” Says Jackie. “I remember when my dad bought a set of Encyclopedia Britannica they had the nicest white paper in the front and back covers and I drew in them. All my dad saw was that I was creative and he would buy me crayons, markers, paper and coloring books.” Today, as an artist, Jackie does a lot of work in the community. Her work is very women centered. “I can be inspired by ceremony, prayer, as well as kind and moving words. I love the culture of my people and this is where most of my inspiration comes from.”

Jackie Traverse is widely known in art communities across Canada. Her paintings, drawings, documentaries, and sculptures speak to realities of being an Aboriginal woman. She has created stop-motion animation on missing and murdered women in Canada, another on the sixties scoop titled “Two Scoops” and “Empty” a tribute to her estranged mother. Jackie is deeply moved by the injustices faced by First Nations people.




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