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From Indigenous Lenca and Garifuna resistance in Honduras and the armed vigilante Gulabi Gang fighting femicide in India, to the pharmaceutical industry's commodification of the female orgasm ...
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Cinema Politica is proud to present an exclusive online premiere of OUR DANCE OF REVOLUTION by director Phillip Pike, essential viewing on queer Black history and organizing in Canada.
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THE MOSQUE: A COMMUNITY'S STRUGGLE by filmmaker Ariel Nasr offers a vital glimpse at the resilience of a Muslim community in Ste-Foy, Québec in the aftermath of January 29th, 2017 ...
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Denial, silence and memory bring together two of our On Demand films this month, depicting the stories of survivors who have overcome the most violent human rights atrocities in Burma and Indonesia.


07 Mar
Carolina Moscoso / CL / 2019 / 80 '
Un film expérimental composé de fragments tournés au fil des années alors que la réalisatrice chilienne compte avec le traumatisme de son viol.
20 Mar
Sam Vinal / HN / 2020 / 66 '
A feature length documentary on grassroots Indigenous and Black resistance in Honduras.
22 Mar
Sam Bozzo / CA / 2008 / 90 '
A doc that sheds light on the world’s rapidly approaching water crisis
24 Mar
Ian Connacher / CA / 2008 / 85 '
A doc that reveals the history and worldwide scope of plastics pollution, investigates its toxicity and explores solutions
22 Avr
One of Canada's and Alberta's most notorious human rights failings on the world stage.
26 Mai
Hélène Choquette & Jean-Philippe Duval / CA / 2006 / 53 '
Eco-refugees from the Maldives to Alberta are the subject of this moving documentary.