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cinema politica Concordia

Fondé Septembre 2003


Merata: How Mum Decolonized the Screen
Artifishal & Valley of the Southern North
No Gold for Kalsaka
Beastmode, a Social Experiment & The Mortician of Manila
La Soledad
The Archivettes & Eye on the Guy: Alan B. Stone & The Age of Beefcake
The Shadow of Gold

Cinema Politica Concordia and Montreal staff and volunteers with filmmaker Alethea Arnaquq-Baril at the Montreal premiere of TUNNIIT: RETRACING THE LINES OF INUIT TATTOOS and launch of the First Peoples, First Screens program on February 8, 2016. Photo: Emily Gan

À PROPOS de Cinema Politica Concordia

Cinema Politica is a media arts, non-profit network of community and campus locals that screen independent political film and video by Canadian and international artists throughout Canada and abroad. Cinema Politica's biggest and longest running local was founded at Concordia University, Montreal in 2004 and ever since it attracts between 300 and 600 people to its weekly screenings. Each semester programming is focused around themes that touch on social justice, environmental and cultural identity issues, and all screenings aim to bridge political independent filmmaking, local activism and civic education and engagement. Cinema Poltica Concordia is administered by the Concordia Cinema Politica Student Association (CCPSA) which is a legally incorporated non-profit fee-levy group funded by undergraduate and graduate students at Concordia.

All our screenings occur during the Fall and Winter semesters and take place on Mondays @ 7:00 pm in Room H110, at 1455 de Maisonneuve W. with a few exceptions. All screenings are BY DONATION and open to the public, and are followed by discussions or Q&As with filmmakers and/or local organizers.

If you want to GET INVOLVED or simply learn more about what we do and how we do it, please email us or come to our screenings and talk to the organizers.
You can WATCH the trailers for our upcoming screenings, interviews with filmmakers and activists, and footage from our events and post-screening discussions here.
You can LOAN or STREAM previously screened Cinema Political films through the Concordia Library collection called Cinema Politica Selections.
To access the following, click on each item: Fee Levy Opt-Out Policy 2017 - 2018, CCPSA Constitution, Annual Report, Incorporation, Financial Statements.
: Kaia Singh (internal & Volunteer Coordinator), Eléa Regembal (External Coordinator), Aurelia Talvela (Assistant Coordinator), Svetla Turnin (Coordinator), Ezra Winton, Viviane Saglier and Muhammad El Khairy (Programmers)
INTERNS 2018-2019
: Fall 2018 - Éveline Auger; Winter 2019 - Allen Bleich
2018-2019 - THANK YOU!: Elizabeth Skene, Erika Kulpina, Hiru Rodrigo, Laurence Wells, Luke Gillis, Lou Neveux, Maggie McCutcheon, Marie-Alizée, Maja Goethel, Mikaela Roberts, Nathan Walsh, Saul Carrera, Sofie


Cinema Politica Concordia Territorial Acknowledgement

We begin this event by acknowledging that we are gathered on unceded lands of the Kanien’kehá:ka Nation. The Cinema Politica team believes it is not enough to acknowledge the title-holders of the lands, rather we urge everyone who attends our screenings to become involved in anti-colonial and Indigenous-led struggles and resistance in Tiohtiá:ke, or Montreal, and beyond.


03 Fév
Gabriel Nuraki Koperqualuk & Aeyliya Husain / CA / 2018 / 47 '
Deux jeunes Inuits élevés dans le sud du Canada explorent les complexités des notions d'identité et d'appartenance.
10 Fév
Lana Lin / US / 2018 / 98 '
Avec la cinéaste Lana Lin, qui a reçu un diagnostic de cancer du sein en 2010, les femmes récitent à haute voix le manifeste d'Audre Lorde.
17 Fév
Elaine Brière / CA / 2019 / 90 '
Haiti Betrayed reveals how Canada conspired with the United States and France in 2003 to topple the democratically-elected government.
24 Fév
Phillip Pike / CA / 2019 / 102 '
OUR DANCE OF REVOLUTION conte l’histoire des difficultés auxquelles font face les personnes LGBTQ+ à Toronto.
02 Mar
Hassan Fazili / US / 2018 / 87 '
Le cinéaste afghan Hassan Fazili a réalisé un film sur les talibans et, en mars 2015, les talibans lui ont mis une prime sur la tête.