Cinema Politica Kuwait – Project 189

Screening truth to power since 2016

Cinema Politica Kuwait – Project 189, is the first of this kind initiative in the Middle East in which the combined passion of film makers to tell stories that shed light on social causes and the commitment of Project 189 to promote inclusiveness in the Middle East join forces to create awareness and promote participation through films and documentaries that inspire transformation within the Kuwait society. The collaboration of Cinema Politica and Project 189, sponsored by the MEPI and en.v STAND Program, will take place from June 23rd to June 25th, 2016.

Discrimination, exploitation, slavery-like working conditions and trafficking are common practices endured by many migrant workers around the world. There are multiple factors that enable such conditions, one of them being that there isn’t enough awareness of how severe the issue is and what social practices or behaviors promote or allow such conditions to persist.

With the power of thought-provoking films and documentaries, Cinema Politica Kuwait Project 189, seeks to contribute to change this, by inviting through the power of film to stop looking away, and reflect as individuals and society on where we stand and what we can do.

All screenings are free for all and everyone is invited to attend! We will have refreshments and thought provoking discussions after the films with special guest speakers. We will also provide information on how you can become engaged within your community and start making a positive change. You can also further engage with us through our discussion forum by visiting us here:

Project 189’s main focus has been to promote domestic workers rights, however, we see the opportunity of this film festival to speak on all human rights and connect the dots. Our aim through these films is to promote equality, respect, non-discrimination and participation for the benefit of us all, with no exclusion of any group.

Stay tuned for upcoming screenings!


Cinema Politica Kuwait - Project 189 would like to thank their collaborators for their continued support.