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Welcome to Cinema Politica Newcastle. By being part of the Cinema Politica network we bring to the ‘toon’ an engaging series of evening films and documentaries, many of which few people in the UK have had the opportunity to watch. We have been active since January 2011, and have screened almost 40 films so far!

As part of the CP network, we gain access to hundreds of independent documentaries. Furthermore, we hope to inspire topical dialogue and debate in Newcastle on issues which sometimes receive little recognition here in the UK. The documentaries and films we show are politically activated, where the filmmakers and investigators have often gone to great lengths in order to challenge and document social and environmental issues across the world. Be it the fight against oppressive regimes, environmental devastation by faceless corporations or peoples neglected by society, these films will open your eyes.

After the films we host stimulating debates involving experts in the field, and if possible the actual filmmakers themselves – either in person or by video-link. All are encouraged to partake in our discussions!

Entry to our films is always free. We ask for £2 donations to fund the screening rights for the films and support the industry.

The Northern Stage is kindly host our evening events, and we are very thankful to have access to such fantastic facilities. We also extend our many thanks to the ncl+ Foundation, who strongly supported the project in the crucial start-up phase. All our activities are now entirely financed through audience contributions.

The Northern stage is centrally located – see link for details

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Cinema Politica Newcastle would like to thank their collaborators for their continued support.