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cinema politica Radical Imagination

established November 2014

about cinema politica Radical Imagination

The Radical Imagination Cinema Politica local aims to show films and host discussions on important and timely topics and on the ways social movements and activists around the globe are organizing to transform the world. We coordinate occasional film series and one-time screenings with selected community partners.

The Radical Imagination Project is a Halifax-based research and action initiative run jointly out of Mount Saint Vincent University and the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design.  Dedicated to studying and enlivening the radical imagination in today's social movements and in society at large, the Project maintains a busy schedule of events including film screenings, public meetings, focus groups, seminars and conferences.

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upcoming screenings

Sep 30
06:30 pm
Assia Boundaoui / US / 2018 / 87 '
A journalist's investigation into surveillance in her own Arab-American neighbourhood leads her to uncover one of the FBI's largest pre 9/11 terrorism probes.
Oct 28
06:30 pm
Kathleen Foster / US / 2016 / 53 '
PROFILED bears witness to the everyday racist violence experienced by PoC communities in the U.S. & gives us a window into one of the burning issues of our time.

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