Thursday, Nov. 04, 6:30pm

Multi-Monde 30th Anniversary Screening of Opération SalAMI

Magnus Isacsson, Malcolm Guy & Anna Paskal  ·  1999  ·  53m
How a Montreal citizen’s network led a blockade in 1998 against an international agreement that would have been the blueprint for global free trade.

Multi-Monde's 30th anniversary screening of Opération SalAMI


Purchase tickets through Cinémathèque québécoise ($9-$12 + tax)

Productions Multi-Monde is organizing a series of events to mark their 30th anniversary, since the production company was incorporated in 1991!

Opération SalAMI was a civil disobedience action to block the international conference in Montreal discussing the Multilateral Accord on Investments – Accord multilatéral sur les investissements (MAI-AMI) in May 1998. This was ushering in the Free Trade agreements that mushroomed afterwards, and the anti-globalisation movement in response. It was a pivotal moment in global activism. The screening will be followed by a discussion with some of the protagonists in the film, and in the presence of a younger generation of activists to compare and contrast activism then and now.

Speakers include Sébastien Rivard, community organizer in the health sector; Philippe Duhamel, a trainer and strategist for civil disobedience activities and non-violent direct actions; and Viviana Medina, a community organizer at the Immigrant Workers’ Centre (IWC) who also oversees the Temporary Agency Workers Association (TAWA). The discussion will be facilitated by Stefan Christoff, a community organizer and artist long involved in the anti-globalization movement, and Nadia Koromyslova from Productions Multi-Monde.

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