Divine Interventions: Documentary, Spirituality and Social Justice

Explores the intersections of social justice, spirituality, religion and secularism in documentary cinema.
About the Program

“Cinema Politica is on the cutting edge of the cinematic zeitgeist, and once again is tapping into the heart of the times, by showcasing the power of connecting spirit with action with their new project “Divine Interventions.” 

Velcrow Ripper, Director of OCCUPY LOVE & winner of the Cinema Politica Audience Choice Award 2013.

Divine Interventions: Documentary, Spirituality and Social Justice explores the intersection of social justice and spirituality in documentary cinema. As a sidebar program of documentary screenings, the project looks at the roles spirituality, religion and secularism play in fostering or inhibiting a plurality of perspectives, as well as understanding across cultural, religious, and ethnic borders, and lastly participation in social causes, campaigns and movements.

The first project installment (September 1, 2013 to February 28, 2014) consisted of 40 documentary screenings followed by panel discussions and open forum dialogues held at Cinema Politica locals, on campuses across Canada. Divine Interventions 2.0 takes place throughout the CP Network from fall 2014 to winter 2015.

This initiative consists of dozens of screening events across Canada, where audiences, artists and activists are encouraged to explore all issues related to the intersection of spirituality and social justice.

These public discussions then continue and expand into online conversations through our project TumblrTwitter and Facebook accounts, with the aim of fostering engaged communities across geographic barriers.

In addition to the newly acquired titles listed under this collection, Divine Interventions also includes existing films from the CP back catalogue, including: CITY OF BORDERS, FIERCE LIGHT: WHEN SPIRIT MEETS ACTION, FOR THE BIBLE TELLS ME SO, INUIT KNOWLEDGE AND CLIMATE CHANGE, A JIHAD FOR LOVE, SCARED SACRED, SILHOUETTE CITY, STOLEN SPIRITS OF HAIDA GWAII, TAQWACORE, WHAT WOULD JESUS BUY & WIEBO’S WAR.

Upcoming Screenings

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Divine Interventions is a project supported by The Inspirit Foundation and organized in collaboration with the Documentary Organization of Canada.