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The Nettie Wild Collection

This collection represent 28 years of committed film-making from a maverick in the field of civil war, Indigenous resistance, revolutions, drug addiction activism and more.
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For the first time ever, documentary powerhouse Nettie Wild’s film collection is available online for your streaming pleasure!

Cinema Politica is honoured to offer The Nettie Wild Collection – featuring five of the director, writer and producer’s signature, award-winning, critically acclaimed works. Nettie Wild is one of Canada’s most internationally recognized and nationally celebrated documentary filmmakers. Her groundbreaking films have exposed realities within moments of social change, fleshing out her intense desire to speak truth to situations that she has been witness to throughout her career.

The Nettie Wild Collection represents 28 years of committed filmmaking from a maverick in the field who has documented civil war, Indigenous resistance, revolutions, drug addiction activism and more.  At the Toronto International Film Festival’s 2018 Edition Wild will be in fact recognized for her unique and robust contribution to documentary by Telefilm and partners, and Cinema Politica is thrilled that four Wild classics—BLOCKADE, A PLACE CALLED CHIAPAS, A RUSTLING OF LEAVES: INSIDE THE PHILIPPINE REVOLUTION and FIX: STORY OF AN ADDICTED CITY—and her newest offering, KONELĪNE, are all available for streaming today, to help mark this high point in the auteur’s career.

Stream The Nettie Wild Collection at Cinema Politica On Demand today!

Please note, all titles are available for global streaming as a package or individually, with the exception of A PLACE CALLED CHIAPAS, which is only available in Canada and Europe.
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On Demand

Nettie Wild  ·  1994  ·  1h30m

On Demand

Nettie Wild  ·  1994  ·  1h30m

A brutally honest depiction of tensions in the mid-nineties between the Gitxan Nation and white settlers in the mountains and valleys of British Columbia.