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History Will Judge

by German Gutierrez
Upon the signing of the peace agreement between the Colombian government and the guerrillas in 2016, Germán Gutiérrez went to film in one of the last FARC camps.
2022  ·  2h20m  ·  Canada, Québec
English, French subs
About the Film

In 2016, a peace treaty between the government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia ended 52 years of civil war. Over four years, Canadian-Colombian filmmaker Germán Gutiérrez follows a group of guerillas from their covert existence in camps to civilian life. In HISTORY WILL JUDGE, men and women share their vision for the country, fear of laying down arms and finding out if the promises will be kept, and worries about the future. Beyond these personal and shared stories, this documentary, often shot in real-time, becomes personal when Gutiérrez reveals his own doubts and questions about his country’s political and social future. An important work of memory. (- RIDM Editorial Team)

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Germán Gutiérrez
Director of Photography
Germán Gutiérrez
Carmen Garcia
Carmen Garcia, Germán Gutiérrez
Diego Briceño, Carmen Garcia
About the Director

German Gutierrez

German Gutierrez

German Gutierrez was born in Columbia, where he was a member of the theater troop La Mamma. He then spent several years in Paris where he studied dramatic arts. Gutierrez has lived in Montreal for the past thirty years. After studying cinema in Ottawa, Gutierrez worked as a camera assistant and cameraman for Radio-Canada, the National Film Board of Canada, several private companies in Montreal, as well as in foreign television. He quickly became interested in directing, focusing his films primarily on social and political issues. As director of photography, Gutierrez continued to collaborate on a variety of productions, gaining several awards for his films and photography.

His numerous projects have given him the opportunity to travel to spaces of political and social conflict (Cambodia, Sarajevo, South Africa, Rwanda, El Salvador, etc.) and to remote locations around the globe (Amazon, Choco, Columbia, Tepui, Venezuela, Nepal, Guinea Bissau, Northern Canada, etc.). These experiences have allowed him to film in more than fifty countries. In 1988, Gutierrez discovered the field of wildlife-focused documentary and the skills demanded of macro-photography. Gutierrez enjoys the role of filmmaker as much as director of photography, often performing the two roles at once. His work has allowed him to master film, video, and HD formatting.

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