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A non-profit, alternative exhibition network with almost 15 years of experience in disseminating hard-hitting independent political documentary films, Cinema Politica has expanded its reach into distribution of politically powerful, artistically unique and uncompromising documentary films. 

Our distribution efforts are squarely concerned with impact, activation and engagement, and social change on a local and global scale, and as such we represent and circulate outstanding political titles across a diverse and wide spectrum of platforms and venues that have the potential to move bums out of seats and into the streets.

We fight for and with filmmakers who are committed to social justice and the arts, and strive to deliver important, cutting-edge works to screens small and large: schools and universities, remote communities, libraries, festivals, broadcast and online platforms, alternative screening venues and everything in-between. Our mandate is to diversify the screening experience and showcase stories and perspectives from the margins while providing exposure and securing returns for our filmmakers, as well as to sustain audience engagement beyond the viewing experience.

If you are interested in enquiring about distribution for your film with us, please contact %20distribution [at] cinemapolitica [dot] org (distribution AT cinemapolitica DOT org).



FOOD COOP - by Tom BothFOOD COOP is the first feature documentary by Paris-based filmmaker Tom Boothe. The film takes us deep into the belly of the Park Slope Food Coop, one of America’s oldest cooperative food supermarket, with a healthy dose of insight and wit. Inspiring as much hatred as enthusiasm, this coop founded in 1973 is probably the best implemented socialist experience in the United States. To learn more about this inspiring film and to book a screening, follow this link.

MIGRANT DREAMS is a powerful feature documentary that exposes the under-told story of migrant agricultural workers struggling against Canada’s Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP), where foreign workers are treated as modern-day indentured labourers. The film follows the fight of a group of Indonesian women working in Leamington, ON. To learn more and to book MIGRANT DREAMS, follow this link.

A SYRIAN LOVE STORY is the award-winning documentary the Guardian called "a microcosm of a global crisis" by UK-based filmmaker Sean McAllister. Filmed over 5 years, A SYRIAN LOVE STORY charts an incredible odyssey to political freedom. For Raghda and Amer, it is a journey of hope, dreams and despair: for the revolution, their homeland and each other. To learn more about this remarkable film and to book a screening, follow this link.

TUNNIIT: RETRACING THE LINES OF INUIT TATTOOS is the incredibly personal, poignant and political documentary from filmmaker Alethea Arnaquq-Baril, whose film ANGRY INUK won the Audience Award at Hot Docs 2016. Arnaquq-Baril, together with long-time friend and activist Aaju Peter explores the meaning behind the beautiful ancient tradition of Inuit face tattoos, which have been forbidden for a century. Together they embark on an adventure through Arctic communities, speaking with elders and recording the stories of a once popularized female artform. To learn more and to book TUNNIIT, follow this link.


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