Still from This Changes Everything
Still from This Changes Everything

This Changes Everything

by Avi Lewis
Avi Lewis and Naomi Klein are back with another powerhouse documentary - this time based on Klein’s bestselling book on capitalism vs. the climate.
2015  ·  1h29m  ·  Canada, United States
About the Film
Directed by Avi Lewis and produced in conjunction with Lewis’ partner Naomi Klein’s bestselling book of the same name, This Changes Everything is an urgent dispatch on climate change that eschews the abstract and rhetorical in favour of the personal and immediate. With Klein serving as narrator and guide, the film explores how our violent disregard for our planet has endangered both it and ourselves — and how resisting this abuse and opposing the forces that propagate it can have a profound — even revolutionary — impact upon the makeup of our society. Central to the film’s analysis is the role that certain mythologies play in shaping how we view and think about the world. In Klein’s account, the Enlightenment belief that nature is a machine that can be retooled and reprogrammed to suit our needs has now been buttressed (or appropriated) by the corollary beliefs of modern-day free-market worshippers, who contend that the exchange of cash is the only significant type of relationship between human beings, and that we are all inherently selfish and incapable of altruism. As the film progresses these theories are debated and refuted, not simply through theoretical discussions or ideological counterpoints, but through evidence gleaned from individual cases. These range from ranchers in Montana dealing with floods and an oil spill to grandmothers in Greece protesting the arrival of a Canadian gold-processing complex; from fishermen in India rejecting a coal-fired power plant to migrant workers in Fort McMurray (twenty-first-century Canada’s answer to the French Foreign Legion) drowning their sorrows. Filmed on several continents over a period of three years, driven throughout by hope, This Changes Everything argues that the greatest crisis we have ever faced also offers us the opportunity to address and correct the inhumane systems that have created it.
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Festivals and Awards
Toronto International Film Festival, Official Selection
Nick Hector and Mary Lampson
Joslyn Barnes and Avi Lewis
Mark Ó Fearghaíl
Production Manager
Geraldine Schubert
Soundtrack Composer
David Wall and Adam B. White
Naomi Klein
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About the Director

Avi Lewis

Avi Lewis

Avi Lewis is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and television journalist.
His first feature length film, The Take (2004), follows Argentina’s new movement of worker-run businesses.  An emotional story of hope and resistance in the global economy, it was released theatrically in Canada, the U.S., and across Europe, premiering at the Venice Film Festival.  The New York Times called it “a stirring, idealistic documentary”, its CBC telecast was nominated for 4 Gemini Awards, and it won the International Jury prize at the American Film Institute festival in Los Angeles.
In 2009 and 2010, Avi Lewis was the host of Al Jazeera English Television’s Fault Lines – a biweekly show that got under the surface of US politics with half hour documentaries, town hall discussions, and long format interviews. In 2008, he was the host of Al Jazeera’s Inside USA, a weekly series examining the real issues at stake in the US presidential election.
His previous television shows – On The Map with Avi Lewis, a daily half-hour of opinionated international news analysis and The Big Picture with Avi Lewis, combining hard-hitting documentaries and town hall debates – aired on CBC Newsworld, in 2006 and 2007.
In the late 90s, as the host and producer of counterSpin on CBC Newsworld, Lewis presided over more than 500 nationally televised debates in three years.  In the early 1990s, he hosted City TV’s landmark music journalism show “The New Music.” At the same time, he was MuchMusic’s Political Specialist, pioneering political “uncoverage” for a youth audience.
Currently he is directing a feature documentary called The Message: the (r)evolutionary power of climate change.

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