Wednesday, Apr. 03, 7:00pm

LABOR – Cinema Politica premiere at Sofia International Film Festival

Tove Pils  ·  2023  ·  1h35m
Hanna leaves to go to San Francisco, where at a party, she meets the professional dominatrix Chloe and the escort Cyd and soon they embark on a self-fulfilling journey together.

Donations (recommended: $5-10)

Cinema Politica and SFF invite you to the premiere of LABOR by Tuve Pils. The screening will be followed by a discussion with the director and special guests.
Tuve Pils / Sweden / 2023 / 95 min / English with English and Bulgarian subtitles
Hanna leaves her family and her girlfriend behind to go to San Francisco. She dreams of exploring her sexuality way beyond what is possible in her small Swedish hometown. At a party in San Francisco she gets to know two experienced sex workers: Chloe, a professional domina with dreams of a better life and Cyd, a playful and shameless escort, selling sex to gay men.
Filmed over the course of a decade, director Tove Pills offers a unique and compelling portrait of queer and trans life in San Francisco in the 2010s. The result is an intimate documentary in which Pills’ ever-present camera takes viewers on an emotional journey that sensitively and respectfully challenges conventional wisdom about sex and sex work.
Cinema Politica is a distribution network for independent documentary cinema with topical social and political themes in universities, libraries and centres for social change and art, and returns to Sofia for the tenth consecutive year with a programme of five exciting cinema events. They will take place from 27 March to 5 April at the Goethe-Institut. The screenings will be followed by discussions with filmmakers and special guests.
Entrance is FREE!!!